He Leaned in Close and Whispered, “You smell like bacon…”

My favourite things to make are things that vegans normally don’t get to dine on. I love making non vegan food into vegan food and sharing it with everyone and seeing the surprise on thier face. I’ve tried a couple vegan bacon recipes and none of them were quite as good as real bacon. I never thought this would turn out to be so easy when I went on a venture to create my own…

It’s not easy to convince a meat eater to eat tofu bacon. Really, it’s no child’s play. However, if you talk them into trying this one, you’ll get to enjoy the sweet impressed look on their face as well. I have fed this tofu bacon to several meat eaters who said it tasted JUST like bacon. You’ll be very surprised.

Apparently, bacon is what often “turns” vegetarians back into meat eaters. It’s what vegetarians miss because, no, there isn’t a good sustitute to be found. Until now. Texture and all, this is what you’ve been waiting for.

It’s only a couple ingredients and I don’t have exact measurements…I usually just wing it myself and it’s not too particular. It will sizzle like bacon does and your house will fill with the smell of bacon, so turn the fan on. Also, make this in the morning before you shower and get ready for the day, or someone might wait until you’re out in public to tell you you smell like bacon. You will smell like bacon.

Tofu Bacon

extra firm tofu, thinly sliced (and I mean thinly sliced…)

liquid smoke

soy sauce



Cut the tofu into thin slices. Place on a paper towel, place a paper towel on top and gently press liquid out of the tofu.

In a cast iron frying pan (really, use cast iron because this has great potential to ruin other frying pans…) heat about a tablespoon or two tablespoons of olive oil over a medium heat. DO NOT EVER raise the heat over medium or you’ll burn the bacon.

In a small bowl coat the tofu pieces generously with liquid smoke and place in frying pan. Sprinkle with salt (I use lots of salt because I love salt). Cook for about 3 minutes.

Brush the tofu pieces with soy sauce and cook about another 2 minutes. Flip (I use a fork to flip) and coat the other side with soy sauce.

Cook, flipping and moving placement in pan often, until it looks (somewhat) like bacon. Remove from heat and serve.

*Sometimes the tofu will stay soft, however, it will get crunchy onces removed from the pan and cooled slightly.

*Do yourself a favor and clean the pan right away!!!

I made my tofu into a sandwich. Just bread, tomato, Veganaise, lettuce and bacon. Best thing ever.


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